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what issues you can get with wifi

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what issues you can get with wifi

From this blog, you will learn about some of the major issues that can occur while using the wifi. So, just have a look to those issues and make your wifi to run smoothly.

Facing problem related to the slow internet connection

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We are getting great internet speed at our homes, but sometimes we face problem that our internet connection is very slow. So, what are the causes of the slow internet connection.

Causes of Slow internet connection:

Just check that whether your wifi router and your system must not far away from your router. IF you are away from your router, then come closer to your router and check routers from d link dap 1320 setup.

How to resolve this issue?

IF you find that your router and your system are in different rooms. Then try to place your router as well as your computer in the same room. If you find that your problem has not been resolved, then just try to change the position of your router, just place your router to the higher position and it must be away from the other devices too.

If you check that the discussed trick does not work, then try to invest in the other router,

Problem 2: If you are having problem that you are receiving low bandwidth. This problem ocuurs when persons who are using the same internet connection and browsing the websites which are using high bandwidth.

How to fix this problem?

Check for the device and disconnect all that devicees to use the internet connection. If you find that one then one computers are browsing to the websites that are videos website, then just stop them.


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